Testimonial – HavingTime

“I’ve read and edited thousands of stories throughout the years that left me in awe. The stories that Doug writes and shares are those rare gems, which you read and take you on a journey, and touch you to the core. When he writes, it comes from the heart; it’s honest and truthful and so incredibly touching and relatable, you wish the story would never end. Doug is one of my favorite authors. He puts his heart and his soul in every word. It touches yo
u; it affects you, it makes you think and wonder and question things. He’s writing inspired hundreds of havingtimers to think differently, ask questions we’ve never thought of and connect concepts in ways we don’t normally do.
Doug is incredibly practical, forward thinking and genuinely lives and breathes helping others in creating the work and life people love. It’s rare that you come across standout thinkers, Doug is a real example of contempora
ry Inspirational Thinker. He has a passion for wanting to change things strategically & brings an enthusiasm that’s infectious! I’ve often sat back in awe of some of the stuff that he writes about; few people can lay claim to being at the cutting edge, but Doug is one. I’ve learned a great deal from him that I will use throughout the rest of my career. He’s a pure joy and a tremendous privilege to work with, a true polymath of personal development, abunnamedle to think both broad and profound. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with Doug – just grab it by its tail!”

Lesya Li – editor, writer, author at havingtime.com