“A true polymath of personal development, able to think both broad and profound. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with Doug – just grab it by its tail!”

Lesya Li – editor, writer, author at HavingTime.com


“Professional, insightful, and dependable. The fact that his writing is creative, crisp, and exemplary doesn’t hurt as well!”

Marissa Krick – outreach specialist at DrugRehab.com

“I love how varied Doug’s articles are, how honest, and how needed they are in this time of glossing over mental health issues as something that doesn’t affect our families, especially not the ‘strong men’ in our lives.”

Joyce – reader of Dadding Depressed

“Working with Doug was a treat. He was able to take my ideas and create something beautiful and succinct- a true asset to my business!”

Allison Waldron – Owner/Operator at Brave Grand Rapids Counseling