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As long as there is life, there are words to write.

How To Grind Coffee To Make The Perfect Cup, Virtuous Coffee

How To Develop The Freedom To Fail & Achieve Your GoalsHaving Time

“You are not a fast food establishment; you are a 5-star restaurant where the best results take time and effort.”

5 Cities Under 5 Hours Away Every Michigander Should Visit, DDougMains

How To Hunt For Bigfoot And Make A Male FriendDadding Depressed

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Shining a light on the darkness.

Are We Just Talking About Talking About Mental Illness?, Dadding Depressed

Grief Means More Than You Think: 3 Reasons We GrieveBrave Grand Rapids LLC

“Only on the doleful, rainy days of a funeral do we allow ourselves the time to actually stop and grieve. But there are other events, occasions, or happenings when it is okay, and even beneficial, to embrace the deep sorrow we naturally feel when we lose something.”

How To Cope When A Friendship Dies, Brave Grand Rapids LLC

How To Find Your ForeheadDadding Depressed

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Offering eternal perspective and day-to-day insight.

How To See Light In A Season Of Darkness242 Community Church

“Don’t give up; get up! You might feel like Lazarus, wrapped in a tomb of death, depression, and despair, but even he rose from the dead through the power of Jesus.”

Do Christians Really Have To Read THAT Much Of the Bible?242 Community Church

The Miserable ChristianRiverview Church

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Where it all started: the imagination.

The Chill In The Shadow, Winner of IndiesUnlimited Weekly Flash Fiction Contest

StarIndiesUnlimited Editor’s Pick

Flash Fiction, IndiesUnlimited.com

“He watched his hand reach for the ashen beast and, feeling the coarse strands of hair run beneath his softened fingers, he recognized his foolish lean. The fervent horse calmed as if to meet him halfway. Indeed, when Rosser mounted, it was a moment he looked back on as the unexpected marriage between Faith and Reason.”

Poetry, DDougMains

Singer-songwriter, Doug Mains & the City Folk

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