I am also a singer-songwriter. Who knew?!

For years, I fronted the Michigan-based, five-piece, classical-folk band, Doug Mains & the City Folk. I still write songs today. Occasionally, I/we will play a show here or there, or rock some tunes at a wedding. Email me at, if interested to hear more!

“Doug Mains is like Iron & Wine’s more mature musical older brother.” Brittany Haney, The Local Flow


“Doug Mains is a true troubadour and destined to be a Michigan icon of great Americana music.”
Driver Rider & Road Show


“Doug Mains and The City Folk have such a rich and smooth sound. Their folky/indie/classical style and all-around musicianship is A+. ”
Nadira Kharmai – Fox17 News


“Doug Mains & the City Folk have such a unique sound and talent, I am surprised they’re not under a major label.”
John Hart,


“‘Lady Wisdom’ is simply the best song I’ve heard in a very, very long time.”
Cindy Lou – Indie Music Lounge


“A young Bob Dylan!”
Brendan James, Singer/Songwriter


“Doug Mains & the City Folk is one of the only performances I’ve ever seen where I had chills while they were playing…One of the best acts I’ve seen.”
Erick Swihart – WO-Stock Music Festival


“Doug Mains and his friends have an amazing amount of musical talent!” “This group of musicians are a must see!”
Magic Bean Cafe


“Doug Mains is the perfect package!”
My mother