About Me

My name is Dwight Douglas Mains. Trim the excess. I go by Doug.

A personality test once pegged my top attributes to be creativity, perspective, and kindness. It is these characteristics that I’ve recognized in myself, in combination with my love of words and appreciation for succinct communication, that have empowered and equipped me as a freelance writer.

I live in East Lansing, Michigan with my gorgeous wife, Lindsey, our son, Isaiah, daughter, Shiloh, and our crazy cockapoo, Wendell Berry. I love good food, great beer, pretentious coffee, ping-pong, soccer, collecting vinyl records and hardcover editions of my favorite books. Oh, and I love to write.

I maintain a blog geared towards men with mental illness from a new dad’s perspective but am, by no means, limited to the art of blogging. I am versatile in writing, from poetry to professional, and adaptable to the diverse needs of clients. Ultimately, I enjoy using my talents to empower and equip others in theirs. Be in touch! 

Twitter: Ddougmains

Email: me@ddougmains.com