My first name is Dwight, but that’s a secret.

35427450_10155448639976716_5766772800731742208_n (1)Every morning (well, almost every morning), I wake up at five and make myself a pour-over coffee, black. Then I sit down to write.

I find morning to be my most productive time. My fingers peck like hens on the keys. The silence–not just because my wife (Lindsey) and two kids (Isaiah-2yrs, Shiloh-3mo) are asleep. It’s the emotional tranquility of loneliness that allows thoughts to resonate in the empty chambers of a newly refreshed mind.

When the day begins at the crow of the first child, it begins. Diapers, bottles, swings, timeouts–the works. I make time to edit during naps.

In the evenings when my wife and I can forget (just a little bit) of the life we’ve made monsters we’ve created, we might sip on a gin and tonic or Two-Hearted IPA. We might read in bed or stay up to watch Friends, The Office, New Girl, or Parks & Recreation. If it’s ping pong night, I’ll stay up late.

I maintain a blog geared toward men with mental illness at I’m a writer by nature, a musician by trade, and a graphic designer by pure will and helpful friends.

Say it well,