Here Are 6 Great Projects I’ve Been Working On Lately

Well, to my shame, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted on my personal website. But, it’s not all that bad. I’ve still been cranking out content and steadily building a repertoire. To get you up to date, here are 6 awesome projects I’ve been working on.

242 Community Church

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a regular contributor to 2|42’s blog. To have a consistent outlet for my meanderings of faith has been a refreshing opportunity. Plus, it’s always fun to rock the boat (ark?) of comfortable Christians (myself included) with posts like Do Christians Really Have To Read That Much Of the Bible? while encouraging the despairing with ones like How To See Light In A Season Of Darkness.

Virtuous Coffee

For months (and I mean months), I made my pour-over coffees daily before facing the blinking cursor, never once considering I could actually write about coffee. When the opportunity came up to work with Virtuous, a Maryland based coffee subscription service, I was eager to take it on. From roasting to managing cafes to being an avid home-brewer, I know a thing or two about the liquid gold, and it’s exciting to have a chance to share that experience with Virtuous.

Whether you’re looking for practical tips on How To Grind Coffee To Make The Perfect Cup or you want to learn What Makes Specialty Coffee So Special or you want to sign up for coffee subscription, head over to Virtuous to see what we’re up to.

STAND Magazine

“The magazine for men who give a damn.”

Such a good tagline.

I haven’t done much work with STAND yet (other than have a collection of meetings under my belt), but I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a professional and powerful movement. I’m happy to say I’ll be collaborating with STAND in some capacity though you’ll have to check back later to see what exactly is going on. Secrets, secrets.

This Dad Can

This Dad Can is a UK-based website catering content to–yep, you guessed it–dads. I wrote a guest post for them called How To Be A Thriving Dad In A World Of Zombies. Check it out.

Dadding Depressed

Almost 200 blogposts in and nearing a year of being live, my blog, Dadding Depressed, is still going strong. I’ve had a steady growth to my readership, and I have been deeply impacted by the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard.

Dadding Depressed is “a story, a community, a match for men in the dark,” and lately I’ve found myself focusing on the community aspect of that vision. I’ve started a few Facebook Groups and something called Man Pong to try and engage individuals on a more personal level.

If you’re looking for the juicy content, check out some of these recent posts:

3 Principles to Embrace For When You Fail Hard

How To Talk About Men, Mental Health, And Masturbation

4 Life Lessons From My Death In The Gym

Doug Mains & the City Folk

My musical endeavors have been sparse over the last couple of years, but when someone reaches out with an invitation to play, I’ll occasionally commit. In addition to releasing a couple of music videos (one called “Letters” and the other “Blessed Is The Pit”) I’m getting the old band back together and with our powers combined, we will be rocking folking out a show on May 11 in Lansing, Michigan.

If none on that sounds good enough, you can always buy one of our albums here.

And, that’s what I’ve been up to! Thanks for checking it out. As always, say it well.

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